This has been a crazy racing year for me so far and there are still two World Championships to attend! First of all, I want to thank my sponsors for all your support, without you, I would not be able to compete at the highest level, thank you so much. School has started and I am now a Junior in High School, it’s going to be a tough year. I am also playing Varsity Baseball this year, and so far, we’re actually winning!! As for racing, I am having a good year so far so I hope I can keep the momentum to do well at the Worlds. Hope to see all of you soon at the tracks!

Upcoming Races...

October 6-12 IFMAR WORLDS (Electric) - Florida

October 31-Nov 2 MTS Asia Cup – Shanghai

Nov 7-15 IFMAR WORLDS (Nitro Sedan)-Thailand

Nov 21-23 AOC Round – Yatabe, Japan

Latest News...

2014 KO PROPO GRANDPRIX TAIWAN – (September 13-14)

I have always liked racing in Taiwan and so this was a race I was looking forward to. The organizers invited Masami Hirosaka to attend this event so it was great to have the chance to race against a legend. … Continue reading


Coming into the Pre-Worlds after the previous warm up race I was curious to see how the new harder compound tires (F45/R45) would work on this track. When I got there, it was obvious that the track conditions had changed … Continue reading

US ELECTRIC PAVED ONROAD NATIONALS – (Orlando, Florida July 29 – August 3)

This was my very first time racing at the electric Nationals and so I was very excited. The weather was extremely hot! Haratune arrived in Orlando the same time so we could meet at the airport. Practice went extremely well … Continue reading

IC WARM UP Race Thailand (July 15-20)

We all thought this was the Pre-Worlds so we planned it early on to be at this event. The HB Team of Teemu and Andy also thought it was the Pre-Worlds so they also came. It was actually a Warm … Continue reading

ETS FINALE at The Hudy Arena (Slovakia : July 3-7)

So right after the Byron race in Chicago, Ai brought all my nitro stuff back to Shanghai while my Dad and I flew to Vienna Austria to meet up with Team HB and together we drove to Slovkia to race … Continue reading

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