My summer racing has been so far so good, I am pretty happy with my results and I hope I can do well for the remaining year. School starts middle of August so summer is coming to an end soon. My final race before school starts will be the US Electric Nationals at the Worlds track in Orlando. I think this is a great opportunity to learn more about the track itself and do some testing. Thank you for those who have visited my website and contacted me through FB, I hope to see some of you at the tracks!

Upcoming Races...

July 30-Aug 2 US Nationals EP Sedan (Florida)

July 29-August 3 US Nationals (Electric) - Florida

August China Nitro Nationals (TBD)

September 3-5 IC Nitro Pre-World – Thailand

September 13-14 KO Cup – Taiwan

October 6-12 IFMAR WORLDS (Electric) - Florida

October 31-Nov 2 MTS Asia Cup – Shanghai

Nov 7-15 IFMAR WORLDS (Nitro Sedan)-Thailand

Nov 21-23 AOC Round – Yatabe, Japan

Latest News...

IC WARM UP Race Thailand (July 15-20)

We all thought this was the Pre-Worlds so we planned it early on to be at this event. The HB Team of Teemu and Andy also thought it was the Pre-Worlds so they also came. It was actually a Warm … Continue reading

ETS FINALE at The Hudy Arena (Slovakia : July 3-7)

So right after the Byron race in Chicago, Ai brought all my nitro stuff back to Shanghai while my Dad and I flew to Vienna Austria to meet up with Team HB and together we drove to Slovkia to race … Continue reading

BYRON NITRO WORLD CHALLENGE (Leisure Hour Joliet : June 27-29)

This was my 4th Byron race and after last year’s poor showing, I was determine to do better this year. Special thanks to Cristian for sending me the NEW Matrix light rim tires which were fantastic! And Protoform for making … Continue reading

2014 Taiwan Mugen Nitro Cup (May 17-18)

The last several times I raced in Taiwan, I just don’t know why, but things didn’t work in my way and there was always a possibility of rain. So this time, Ai and I were determined to do well so … Continue reading

Shanghai Nitro Series Round 1 – Mugen Cup – May 3

The official nitro racing season has started in China and after a long winter of EP racing, I was actually pretty excited about getting back into some nitro stuff! Ai worked on my car and prepped it perfect for the … Continue reading

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