Happy New Year Everyone! I had a great racing year in 2014 where I ended up 5th in the IFMAR 200mm Nitro Sedan World Championship and 15th in the ISTC Electric World Championship! I want to thank all my sponsors for all their support, thank all my friends for your friendships, my mechanics Ai and Haratune for giving me the cars to win and finally, my family for their support. There is a lot to reflect on, but I look forward to 2015, I plan to race at the EP Buggy Worlds in Japan, also the 1/8 GP Worlds in Brazil. And I hope to make a couple ETS races and of course will race the AOC series. Look forward to seeing you at the races!

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Upcoming Races...

EP: (Confirmed Schedule)

Hong Kong CARPET Invite Race – March 20-22

AOC Shanghai – China – April 9-12

Reedy Race of Champions – USA – May 21-25

ETS Slovakia – Slovakia – June 25-28

HOTRACE Summer Cup – Italy – July 23-26

US Nationals – USA – September 10-13

IFMAR EP BUGGY WORLDS – Japan – October 3-10

AOC Japan – Yatabe – TBD


Mugen Cup Taiwan – TBD

ENS Germany – Germany – July 14-10

IFMAR 1/8 WORLDS – Brazil – November 12-22


EP Buggy Testing – Japan – June 12-14

FEMCA Testing – Hong Kong – March 23-26

Brazil Testing – TBD

Latest News...

MTS ASIA CUP – Shanghai, China (Dec 12-14)

The past weekend, Jang-san from Muchmore brought the Muchmore Racing Touring Series to Shanghai. But due to the fact that I have school exams this week, I did not get to run on the new layout. I got about 4 … Continue reading

AOC FINALE RACE – Yatabe, Japan (Nov 21-23)

This year the final round of AOC attracted over 200 entries. I had to go to school on Thursday so I arrived in Japan late at night. Thanks to Hara-tune for picking us up. Friday was scheduled for free practice, … Continue reading

IFMAR 200MM WORLDS – Bangkok, Thailand (Nov 7-15)

My goal this year was to reach the semi-finals, because 2 years ago, I missed it by one position after qualifying rounds and failed to advance from the quarters. This year (Huge Racing Track) was perhaps the most difficult track … Continue reading

ISTC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – Florida, USA (10/6 – 10/12)

My expectations for this year’s electric race was fulfilled as I made the top 20 in what was a very difficult race for me as well as Team HB. As most of you know, the team had been developing the … Continue reading

2014 KO PROPO GRANDPRIX TAIWAN – (September 13-14)

I have always liked racing in Taiwan and so this was a race I was looking forward to. The organizers invited Masami Hirosaka to attend this event so it was great to have the chance to race against a legend. … Continue reading


Coming into the Pre-Worlds after the previous warm up race I was curious to see how the new harder compound tires (F45/R45) would work on this track. When I got there, it was obvious that the track conditions had changed … Continue reading

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